Portrait HaddieHaddie Bennet

Ideal Protein Coach

Haddie was originally from California and moved to the Olympia area to be with her husband. Haddie enjoys spending time with family.  She loves books, especially the classics.  Haddie also loves singing, playing and teaching piano.

Haddie is an excellent coach whose success on the Ideal Protein Nutritional Program fuels her compassion for those she coaches.

Here is Haddie’s experience:

“The effects were nearly instantaneous.  After only 7 weeks, my body feels better than I can remember.  At over 20 pounds lighter, I have more energy for life, a stronger immune system, restful sleep, and am growing fonder and fonder of the foods that do me good.  I am no longer held captive by my cravings.  Instead, I’m learning to listen to what my body needs.  Ideal Protein has given me the tools and education needed to improve my quality of life, giving me a brighter, healthier future ahead for me and my family.  Many thanks to Ideal Protein and my coach for showing me the way out and providing the compassionate and attentive guidance so I could do it!”