Positive results!

After being referred by a friend who was having positive results, I thought I would give this a try, as my pain score was so high. I felt that any improvement would be a relief considering I have extensive spinal injuries, including a herniated lumbar disc, 3 fratured vertibres-mid back, and a cervical fusion.  Shortly after seeing Dr. Greenlee and his staff I quickly began seeing positive results. Later while talking to his staff regarding other health issues with my stomach and digestive systems, they asked if I would be receptive to a small diet change to see if these issues could be resolved.  After 30 plus years of seeing Doctors, Specialists, tests and procedures for these issues, this problem has largely been resolved with the small diet change.  I enjoy going to these appointments as Dr. Greenlee and his staff are outgoing and friendly creating a relax environment.
If you are willing to commit to the process and put in the small amount of effort required, what Dr. Greenlee and his staff will return to you is a lower pain score and a higher quality of life. For this chronic pain sufferer…that’s PRICELESS!

Michael P.