The therapies have given me unbelievable results.

First of all, I have to let it be known that I have seen a bunch of doctors and two physical therapists for months, and my injury was still not much better. I was starting to lose hope that I could feel much better, and I was starting to believe I would have to settle and that this was as good as it was going to get. After visiting this office for a little over a month, my pain is incredibly better. I am continuing to get better week after week and everyone that knows me sees the changes–I carry myself differently, I’m smiling more, my mood is better. Dr. Greenlee is so good at explaining what the problem is, and having a concrete plan on what to do to make it better. He listens to everything you have to say, and is the most kind and friendly Doctor I have ever met. It is obvious that Dr. Greenlee only hires the best; because not only is the staff friendly, engaged, and focused on my recovery; but they are very knowledgeable as well. I know they see a lot of patients, and never once have they checked out while I was talking. Dr. Greenlee is interested in everything about you-the whole picture. He does not medicate or just alleviate symptoms temporarily; he is interested in fixing the problem and cares a great deal about your diet and your well being. He also does not criticize you for the bad habits you do have, but gives advice about alternatives so that you can become healthier. This is the first place I have been where the therapies have given me unbelievable results. Dr. Greenlee and his staff are an amazing group of people and I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me.

Elizabeth M.