Great customer service!

The staff at Pinnacle Health Solutions provide great customer service and treat everyone with the same respect and friendly attitude. It’s a warm, relaxed, productive atmosphere – not a cold clinical setting. Before visiting Pinnacle, I had never visited a chiropractor. I wasn’t involved in a car wreck or other traumatic experience that caused any injuries. Before my work with Pinnacle, I would have occasional lower back and neck pain and get occasional stress headaches. Since beginning my work with Pinnacle, my back and neck pain are gone and I don’t remember when I had my last headache. They don’t just treat injuries or make drastic lifestyle changes, they provide wellness and maintenance to help you live a better, pain-free life. They don’t pressure you or upsell you for unnecessary visits or treatments. Their schedule is flexible as I’ve had to change or cancel a couple appointments with only a day or sometimes hours notice and they are always happy to accommodate. Their diet and nutritional information has been very useful, and the massage therapists are great. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Greenlee and the Pinnacle staff to all of my friends and family that would benefit from their services.

Mark M.