Meave Short


Initially raised in a small community on a remote island in Alaska, Maeve began apprenticing at the young age of ten in her mother’s midwifery clinic and birthing center in Kodiak.  Through classes and apprenticeship, she devoted herself to learning a tremendous amount about herbalism, nutrition, infant and pregnancy massage, doula and midwifery care, and childbirth education.  Additionally, she worked on her family’s fishing vessel for eight years during the salmon and halibut seasons which prepared her hands well for delivering exceptional massage therapy. After leaving Alaska and enjoying a bit of travel, Maeve settled down in Seattle in 2000.  There she completed a comprehensive education at Brenneke School of Massage (now Cortiva) and the Buntaduk Tradit Institute of Northern Thai Massage.  After she later moved to Olympia, she apprenticed in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Hellerwork style myofascial release to compliment her education in Sports Massage and Structural Integration. The unique and comprehensive style Maeve delivers works progressively towards whole body wellness through addressing past injuries, chronic pain, nutritional challenges and improving activities of daily living. Her Thai Massage training further benefits her patients, adding acupressure and movement to ease and effectively treat deep pain and immobility.  This work helps patients move towards defining their full potential, rediscovering their healthy movement. Meave has three amazing daughters, three loving cats, and one incredible husband.  In addition to these loves, she is passionate about music, community, and her farming.

Colleen Kost


Colleen spent much of her youth traveling across the United States, but she calls Florida home.  After a brief stint in the military she decided to dedicate herself to helping people heal through massage therapy.  She went to Massage School in Bremerton.  After moving to the Olympia area in 2012, Colleen officially began her massage career.  She flourishes with deep tissue while also understanding how to apply light touch techniques when needed.  She specializes in advanced injury repair techniques and soft tissue rehabilitation.

In her life outside the clinic, Colleen has a very active and precocious daughter who keeps her quite busy. Colleen’s hobbies include sewing, dancing, playing childish games with her daughter, gaming and playing various instruments.  In addition, she has her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and one-day plans to teach.