Help Stop Bullying — Produce Happier and Healthier Kids … and Adults.
Anyone who loves kids should read this.

Recently, there was an amazing program on the Diane Rehm. I stopped what I was doing, sat down and listened to how Jodee Blanco was helping kids who are bullied and those who bully. Teaching compassion is no easy task, but Jodee Blanco has done this effectively for thousands, transferring her bitter experience into something that powerfully helps kids, schools and communities through her work.

I highly encourage you to listen to this program: go to, click on archive, select March 5th, 2008 (2nd show, Jodee Blanco).

Even listening to the first 15 minutes would be impactful. If you are so inspired, you can get both of her books on – Please Stop Laughing at Me & Please Stop Laughing at Us.

How many lives would change if more of our children knew this information?

Imagine children learning to be more compassionate and empathetic with each other. Imagine kids possessing more tools to resist the adolescent peer pressure that is often quite cruel. Jodee’s work can help.

Jodee’s work is, by the way, not just for kids … it’s for all of us.

Here’s to spreading a more compassion in the world … beginning with our children.

Dr. Dan Greenlee, D.C.